Litigation Support

By employing state-of-the-art environmental and water resource management forensics, our legal clients can be confident that their arguments are supported by the best available science. Dr. Kram's team has never lost a case. 

Issues over environmental risk, security and water supply management dominate our industry. The courts are relied upon to resolve many of these challenges. As such, these critical questions arise:
  • When was contamination released, by whom, and which direction is it moving? 
  • Are contaminant vapors resulting in toxic exposures in buildings overlying groundwater plumes? 
  • Will the proposed remediation system meet court-ordered or regulatory objectives? 
  • Is the extraction well resulting in harm to neighbors, the nearby stream, or causing seawater intrusion? 
  • How can I best protect my workers from vapor intrusion and avoid future liabilities? 
  • How can I best demonstrate that vapor intrusion is not an issue at my site?
Answers to these questions can be extremely complex and are often site-specific. Regulatory policies change often and result in unexpected costs and confusion. Our firm identifies the most accurate methods to be employed so that responses to these questions result in conclusive evidence and persuasive opinions that are rooted in sound technical expertise. We are recognized as experts within the environmental assessment and remediation communities. We have first-hand experience developing and implementing state-of-the-art data collection technologies, and interpreting and articulating results for the various stakeholders involved; often employing intuitive graphics where necessary.

Dr. Kram and his team have been at the forefront of expedited high resolution site characterization, intuitive geospatial visualization, water resources sustainability, and breakthrough discoveries of key environmental processes such as those that control vapor intrusion risk and optimized remediation. Among other areas of expertise, Dr. Kram is a recognized authority in vapor intrusion, as his research resulted in progressive changes to regulations, protocol and national standards. As such, Dr. Kram has played a key role in high-profile legal cases where he helped his clients achieve favorable outcomes.